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Profit and loss related to employee motivation

According to a study by the MIND Foundation (UK - 2013), 60% of employees feel more motivated at work when the employer takes into account physical and mental well-being in the office.

It's easy to say but difficult to set up depending on the company's culture. The vocabulary used, the established format of individual interviews, if they take place, and the narratives and taboos installed, make these conversations difficult for managers and especially newly promoted team leaders. Engaging and unblocking this vocabulary through coaching support is a fast track to unblock this situation.

According to a study by the Chapman Institute (USA - 2005), an approach around Quality of Life at Work could reduce absenteeism at the office by 25%.

Even with the best intention, Quality of Life at Work is a very broad topic for HR managers or business leaders to address. Why not get help?

According to studies by HR professionals, an absent employee costs 3 times his gross salary charged and an employee who enters and leaves the company costs between 1.7 and 2.4 times his gross salary loaded.

The prevention of stress-related diseases has never been more urgent. Employees' awareness of their energy providers and energy absorbers is vital. The right approach is to give employees the opportunity to take part in creating their optimal work environment while keeping an eye on the shared mission and goals of your team. This commitment and autonomy is also a way to pre-empt resignations for "the wrong reasons.

Finally, according to a study by the University of Warwick (UK - 2014), the productivity of happy employees would increase by 12%.

This leads me to ask you 2 questions:

  1. Since these studies, between 2005 and 2014, do you think the environment in which your organization operates naturally contributes to improving well-being and health at work, or is it the opposite?

  2. If the above numbers were only 50% true, how much has your employees' motivation affected your organization's profits in the last 12 months?

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