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Our mission is to measure and increase the positive energy of employees at work with noticeable impact

on their well-being and performance

Consultation d'affaires

What we know

The uncertainties and pressures weighing on organizations and companies are constantly increasing.

The challenge

To maintain a high level of employee engagement and well-being in the work-place.

The proposed solution

Diagnose concretely how employees perceive their work environment and support them to create, in collaboration with their colleagues, their optimal working conditions.

Our tailor-made formulas


You know that Quality of Life at Work is important. Diagnose it for your individual employees and provide them with an action plan


You feel that one or more employees are losing commitment or motivation and want to support them with measurable coaching

Team Dynamic

You want to engage a team to achieve a high level of well-being and performance based on individual and collective actions. 

Our experience and our knowledge of organizations allow us to understand your situations


We are committed to measuring the progress made during our collaboration


We guarantee a space for confidential exchange allowing for a realistic and honest reflection of each situation


We acknowledge the personal values of all parties as well the mission and goals of the team and organisation

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Pascal Bernard

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Pascale has a driving force, Enthusiasm! She helps business leaders to create the conditions for each employee to retain their enthusiasm from day one and develop their potential. Her objective: to combine well-being and sustainable performance.

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Francois Enzler

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François advises and coaches leaders who wish to create a space and working conditions through which everyone takes care of themselves, their teammates and their shared mission and purpose. His motto: "Steer the course that gives you meaning".

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Magalie Lemonnier

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Magalie trains and coaches teams in management and soft skills by stimulating them to find their right place in the organization. Her conviction: to know each other well to better manage and collaborate making the the team an entity in its own right.

Modern Architecture

Let's be concrete and transparent:

Try it out ! 

Live the experience for yourself, for free.

Schedule a call with a WEA Coach and receive a free diagnosis and debrief in order to concretely evaluate which formula would be the most appropriate for your organization. 

Our clients

I had the pleasure of benefiting from the WEA analysis carried out by a certified coach. The approach is interesting and the result very enlightening. The debriefing is essential after passing the individual test, and the coach's expertise was very beneficial to me. I recommend it.

Henri D., GRDF Preventor

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