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Individual support that allows employees to deepen their thinking and take the actions that matter to increase their well-being and performance. 

This confidential process allows your employees to:

  • Take the time to assess the diagnosis

  • To choose with discernment the measures that matter

  • To feel supported in their choices and actions

  • To perpetuate their learning

  • To celebrate their progress



For the organization: To increase the commitment and motivation of an employee in a concrete and measurable way thanks to a final report summarizing their progress. 

For the employees:  To develop their autonomy and influence by aligning their efforts towards what matters to them, their well-being and their contribution to their ecosystem. 

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Try it out !

Live the experience for yourself, for free.

Schedule a call with a WEA Coach and receive a free diagnosis and debrief in order to concretely evaluate which formula would be the most appropriate for your organization. 

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