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A tool revealing an employee's perceptions of their level of commitment   and influence on their well-being and performance in their work. 

This confidential process allows your employees to:

  • Determine their level of commitment in their work

  • Gain insight into their sources of energy and stress

  • Discover the aspects where they have or do not have an influence

  • Become aware of  the tasks which are energy providers or absorbers

  • Analyze their results with a WEA certified coach



For the organization: Recognize employees and improve employee interactions with their close ecosystem. 

For the employee: take stock of their relationship with their work and discover realistic ways to improve their well-being.

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Try it out !

Live the experience for yourself, for free.

Schedule a call with a WEA Coach and receive a free diagnosis and debrief in order to concretely evaluate which formula would be the most appropriate for your organization. 

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